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#801 Abdcyukg [ 0 0 ] : 2020-05-10 08:58:14
#13539 Spring [ 0 0 ]
Thanks a lot for your answer! 
Can somebody help me with solution to my non moving package from Romania to United kingdom since 29th of April 2020. The package was sent 27th of April and it moved till 29th when the status showed sent abroad and till date it has never been moves... And this got me worried. The package sent via Posta Romana and here is the tracking number (CO975291641RO). Thank you so much. 
#802 Why has it been 2 weeks and my package still hasn’t arrived? [ 0 0 ] : 2021-01-12 18:55:12
Hello. My tracking number is EL030323163RU. Where is my package? It said it was handed over to Airline/Transporter 3 days ago, but I haven’t gotten any other updates since then. Shouldn’t it be in my country by now? I live in North America. Also, what does the green play symbol and truck symbol mean at the bottom of my order? 
#803 Livio [ 0 0 ] : 2021-03-14 16:24:34
I wait too from 2 months a shipping from Romania, here the tracking number :
#804 Livio [ 0 0 ] : 2021-03-20 22:46:46
Is there a strange update, as if the package is back to Romania, can someone help me to read it.
#805 mosko [ 0 0 ] : 2023-02-27 16:56:05
very bad tracking in the last months...!!!
#806 marypopins_5 [ 0 0 ] : 2023-04-15 16:04:21
RQ109644915UZ посылка не отслеживается совсем.
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