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Ever since 2005, Chinavasion has been serving wholesale and dropship customers worldwide. Chinavasion is headquartered in Hong Kong with its warehouse and logistics in the centre of the world's electronics manufacturing hub: Shenzhen.



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#1 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-03-15 14:09:51
Hello everybody! 

In this thread we are going to talk about the latest gadgets we have in our store.

Meaning, here you can check out the latest hi-tech products released at Chinavasion!
Grab your stock fast - it's all on the warehouse shelves, first come first served!

Happy browsing! :-)

#2 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-03-15 15:32:50
4K Android 5.1 TV Box

Get the best entertainment for your home! All it takes is a small TV box that will take minimum space and yet help make the most out of your TV experience. Packed with Android 5.1 operating system, Amlogic S905 Quad Core CPU, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, 4K output and more, this Android TV box will completely transform your home entertainment system.

► Specs: Amlogic S905, Wi-Fi, HDMI 2.0, Kodi, 3D Support, Miracast, Airplay, DLNA, Bluetooth 4.0

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#3 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-03-18 12:01:51
Chuwi Vi8 Plus Ultimate Tablet PC

A fully licensed version of the Windows 10 software is installed on this compact tablet so you can have a mobile office experience with access to the Microsoft Office Suite and a range of other powerful production software. Providing enough space for this range of software is 32GB of built in memory and a micro SD card slot letting you add an extra 64GB of space. 

► Specs: Intel Cherry Trail CPU, Licensed Windows 10 OS, USB Type C, 2GB RAM, 32GB Memory, OTG

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Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Tablet PC

The Chuwi Vi10 Ultimate Tablet PC has an Atom X5 Z8300 Cherry trail processor that uses 14nm architecture for an enhanced performance at 1.84GHz, when combined with the 2GB of DDR 3 RAM you get plenty of power for games and movies. 

► Specs: Licensed Windows 10 OS, Intel Cherry Trail CPU, 2GB RAM, 64GB Memory, USB 3.0, OTG

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#4 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-03-18 12:09:56
Chuwi Vi7 Android Phablet

Watch movies, play games, get upgrades at the Play Store – you know how it goes. But unlike other pricier devices, the Chuwi Vi7 Android tablet gives you all of the tablet functionality in a budget-friendly package. Dubbed “the ultra budget tablet with phone functionality”, it will offer you everything you need without reaching deep into your pocket. 

► Specs: 3G SIM Slot, 7 Inch IPS Screen, Android 5.1, GPS, Quad Core CPU, 2500mAh Battery

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#5 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-03-18 12:21:27
UHANS U100 Android 5.1 Smartphone

Combining form and function the UHANS U100 Smartphone will appeal the design conscious Smartphone users who are looking for something more than a plastic rectangular phone. It looks like a luxury brand Vertu phone but its affordable price makes it available to all. The cowhide leather rear is a beautiful touch and is sure to get people's attention while the brushed metal sides and angular front make it stand out as an up market phone of action. 

► Specs: 4G, Dual SIM, 4.7 Inch Screen, 2GB RAM, MTK6735, Smart Wake, Motion Control, Gesture Sensing

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UHANS U200 Android 5.1 Smartphone

The UHANS U200 brings some striking looks and tough lightweight body with its aviation aluminum frame that offers a good robustness without being heavy or cumbersome. The U200 has rubber, non slip sides and a genuine cowhide leather back that gives the phone an elegant design that's hard wearing and a delight to look at while also ensuring its comfy and easy to hold and operating with just the one hand. 

► Specs: 4G Dual SIM, Quad Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 5 Inch Display, Smart Wake, Gesture Sensing, GPS, A-GPS

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#6 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-03-23 17:24:56
Wi-Fi Smart Home Security System

Take your home security to the next level with this Wireless home security system coming with IP camera, PIR motion detection, door / window alarm with Mobile phone support

► Specs: 720P IP Camera, Pan + Tilt, PIR Sensor, Door Sensor, Android + iOS Support

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#7 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-03-29 01:01:09
HD-Hynudal Karaoke Machine

Sing along to your favorite tracks and invite your friends along! The HD-Hynudal Unique Karaoke Mixer is sure to liven up any party and get your guests moving even if it’s way past midnight. Loaded with fun features and coming with two wireless mics, this signing gadget is meant for sharing. So warm up your vocal cords and get ready for a sing-down!

► Specs: Echo Mixer, Two Wireless Mics, YAMAHA Chipset, Supports Phone + PC

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#8 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-04 10:47:00
Morefine Max1 Smartphone

The Max1 from Morefine is one of the sexiest looking phones out there and will certainly appeal to the fashionable user who want their phone to look as good as it performs!

► Specs: 2.5D Arc Edge Glass, 5 Inch IPS Screen, Dual SIM, 4G, Quad Core CPU, 2GB RAM

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#9 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-04 11:22:18
Wireless Waterproof PTZ Camera

This Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera is equipped with all the necessary features to provide your home with secure monitoring when you are away.

► Specs: 720P, Wi-Fi, Android +iOS Apps, Night Vision, Motion Detection, 4 x Zoom, Two-Way Audio

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#10 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-06 02:18:22
Conquest S6 Rugged Smartphone

The Conquest S6 rugged smartphone comes with 4G connectivity on two SIM cards, a 5 inch HD screen, Android 5.1, IP68 waterproof rating and more. Thanks to an abundance of features and strong built, it’s a great outdoor smartphone that is ready to have your back on any adventure.

► Specs: 4G, 5 Inch HD Screen, Android 5.1, IP68, 3GB RAM, NFC 

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#11 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-09 07:04:11
FACEFOU ML350 Bluetooth LED Lamp Speaker

The FACEFOU ML350 Bluetooth speaker is a stylish little gadget that doubles as a cool lamp. With Bluetooth 4.1, a 10000mAh battery and music play support, it’s a stylish, versatile device for your home or office.

► Specs: 10000mAh Battery, Bluetooth 4.1, 20W Speaker + 15W Speaker, 5W 500 Lumen Lamp

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#12 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-09 07:10:16
CX-10W Mini Drone

Ever want to try playing around with drones but are put off by their large sizes
and hefty price tags? Worry not – the CX-10W is the perfect entry device for the budding drone pilot!.

► Specs: 15 to 30M Range, 6-Axis Stabilizing Gyro, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Control, Android & iOS Compatible, FPV

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#13 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-12 08:30:04
VR 3D Headset for 3 To 6 Inch Phones

With these portable lightweight glasses you can enjoy a taste of the latest's VR experiences at a fraction of the cost by simply using your smartphone. .

► Specs: 3D Side By Side Video, Adjustable Interpupillary Distance, Focal Depth, Head Strap

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#14 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-12 08:32:20
KEN XIN DA PROOFINGS W9 Rugged Smartphone

This latest KEN XIN DA model comes with a 6 inch full HD screen, Android 5.1 and 4G support on two SIM cards. What's more, the smartphone is waterproof with IP68 rating and will be able to accompany you on tough adventures in the great outdoors...

► Specs: Android 5.1, 4G, 6 Inch FHD Screen, IP68, Dual SIM, 2GB RAM+16GB Memory

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#15 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-12 08:34:18
GSM+PSTN Wireless Security System

This fashionably designed smart home security system makes use of GSM and PSTN support to bring alarm notifications to your Smartphone no matter where you are.

► Specs: PIR Motion Detection, Door Sensor, Alarm Control, Loud Alarm Siren, SMS Notifications

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#16 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-12 08:37:53
Ken Xin Da Max8 Power Charger

Love the outdoors but don't want to leave your gadgets behind, get the Max 8 Power charger and keep everything power up on the go.

► Specs: 10400mAh, IP68, 5V 2.1A Output, Flashlight, LED Power Indicator, Suction Cups

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#17 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-13 06:22:17
Android 4K TV Box "Spectra Plus"

Want to watch all your ultra-high-definition content on a capable but affordable Android TV box? The Spectra Plus is just what you're looking for.

► Specs: 4K UHD Resolutions, Quad Core CPU, 2GB RAM, Kodi, Airplay, Miracast, Android 5.1

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#18 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-19 11:42:09
Ken Xin Da S9 Smart Phone Watch

Do you need to stay in touch with others but find yourself unable to work properly with a phone in your hands? Worry not – the Ken Xin Da S9 standalone smart watch has you covered!

► Specs: Standalone Wearable, Quad Band GSM, Bluetooth Headset, 1.54-Inch Touch Screen, Camera

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#19 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-19 11:44:17
Ken Xin Da S7 Smart Phone Watch

Receive messages and make calls right from your wrist with the Ken Xin Da S7 GSM Smartwatch. Supporting quad band frequencies on the GSM network, this simple accessory doubles as a phone and also features a heart rate monitor, SMS sync, and music play

► Specs: 1.54 Inch Touch Screen, Bluetooth, Heart Rate Monitor, SMS Sync, FM Radio

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#20 Chinavasion Wholesale Electronics [ 948 0 ] : 2016-05-19 11:46:21
CX-10W Mini Drone

Up Up and away!! The CX-10W mini Wi-Fi drone lets you taker to the sky and with its first person view (FPV) this tiny drone beings a great aerial view as you fly high.

► Specs: 6-Axis Stabilizing Gyro, 0.3MP Camera, Wi-Fi, 15 To 30M Range, Android & iOS Compatible, FPV

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