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Link to Extension at Chrome store

Current functions:
1. Aliexpress seller check tool - helps to check sellers reliability before purchasing an item (for all customers)
2. Instant tracking number upload from Aliexpress order (for registered customers)
3. Instant tracking number upload from Gearbest order (for registered customers)
4. Instant tracking number upload from Fasttech order (for registered customers)
5. Instant tracking number upload from  Banggood order (for registered customers)
6. Instant tracking number upload from  Asos order (for registered customers)
7. Instant tracking number upload from  Iherb order (for registered customers)

Supported browsers
-- Chrome
-- YaBrowser (Yandex)
-- possibly any onther Chromium based browsers

-- Postal company Choise

-- If you wish to add any shop into extension, you can suggest it in this topic, and send us copy of the order page with tracking number for analysis.

Known problems:

If you using any other pluging which modify order page content, then there could be problems with adding tracking number.
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